Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S4 5200mAh Extended Battery

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Tmart 5200mAh Extended Battery with Battery Cover for Samsung I717 GALAXY Note
5200mAh Extended Battery with Battery Cover for Samsung I717 GALAXY Note
Hyperion Galaxy S4 5200 mAh
Hyperion Galaxy S4 5200 mAh

Extended batteries are used to boost the iPhone’s battery life. But many of us are still unsure about the extended batteries and their features. While normal batteries run out after certain cycles these extended batteries stand up to their names. Hyperion’s 5200mAh extended battery is one of those most impressive boosters that get you through the day uninterrupted. Make it a good weekend companion or a must have travel accessory, it serves all purposes perfectly.

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S4 5200mAh Extended Battery – Product Review
Hyperion extended battery provides an uninterrupted 24- hour backup including the night time standby and is still left with 30% power at the end of the next day. The awesome battery comes with a TPU case as a sturdy back plate. The back plate rises above the screen protecting it from scratches when the device is placed face down. With just an additional $10 or so you get a scratch guard for the back plate too.

This is one of the few batteries at this time that has a Watt/hour rating on it, the other being Anker. This is good because it is currently an optional specification to disclose, and offers a way to conveniently describe an important aspect of the battery: how much energy it has/how much work it can perform.

While this battery performed to its Ah rating on its second test, it is a bit short on overall energyUp for testing is Hyperion 5200mAh extended battery with NFC for the Galaxy S4.

In this, and my other reviews, I test the battery with an UBA 5 battery analyzer using a test similar to the IEC 61960 standard. In brief, the battery is charged to 4.35V until the charge rate is 50mA, then it’s discharged at 0.2C to 2.75V @ 20C. A comparison chart per battery type across multiple tests is used for comparison purposes.

Hyperion Galaxy S4 5200 mAh
Hyperion Galaxy S4 5200 mAh

More information about how I conduct testing is available here.
•  Extend your talk time on your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Hyperion Extended Batteries (Compatible with All US and International Versions).
•  5200 mAh Battery Capacity (with Black Extended Back Cover). *NOT TO BE USED WITH THE S4 ACTIVE**
•  Batteries use “A” Grade Lithium Ion Cells. Now With NFC/Google Wallet Capabilities!
•  Distributed by Hyperion Electronics Accessories.
•  12 Month Money Back Guarantee. Shipping same or next business day!

Check out the screenshots for the stats on the battery performance. Obviously, the battery life varies from user to user, so let me explain what I put this battery through to get the results I got. First of all, I have most of my notification pushed through automatically, streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are used periodically throughout the day, games like Candy Crush was used and the normal social networking tasks were used. Not to mention phone calls and messaging services.

Screen time is the biggest contributor to battery drain. The more the screen is on the more life is sucked out. I got almost 5 hours of screen time which is a lot for the most part.
Overall I really like this setup. The feel of the phone is nice in the hand. It adds a significant amount of weight compared to the stock Galaxy S4 body. Both the back plate and case are smooth and handy. If you need extra battery life and need a case to compliment the gear, this deal is for you.

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